Why Do You Want To Get A Good Bond?

Criminal activity doesn’t pay.  When we commit a crime we are hurting others in a way that we hope will benefit us.  This may be an act of passion or it could be a simple belief that you deserve something that you don’t own or have earned.  When we commit these crimes, we hope to get away with it.  In most cases however, this is rarely the case. 

When we are caught, it is our hopes that getting an Orange County Bail Bonds service will be our rescue.  This service works with the court and will help those that are charged with a crime to get out of jail quickly so they can continue their lives before court. 

Family obligations

The first thing a company like Acme Bail Bonds will take into consideration are your family obligations.  If you have kids, a wife or other responsibilities then they will want you to be able to continue providing for them.  If you are in jail for any small crimes then this can turn into a major issue which can have long lasting effects.


The court wants you to continue to gain an income.  The main reason for this is that they want you to pay for your crime.  Literally.  You will have court fees, lawyer fees, fines and other things that will cost you money.  If you don’t have an income then they won’t get paid and that is their main objective.

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Criminal History

Your past criminal history will also be taken into account.  If you are a repeat offender then you will probably have a hard time getting out of jail.  If this is your first time or if your offense is minor, then you should be released in a few hours.

When you have these in your favor, the judge will typically give you a good bond. This is something that will allow you to walk out without paying anything or only a few hundred dollars.  If you are a repeat offender and don’t meet many or any of these requirements then you may get a large bond which will require much more work to pull off.