What Colors Are Mosquitoes Attracted To

Mosquitoes are attracted to certain colors more than others. It helps to know which colors they flock more towards so that you can avoid those shades in a mosquito-infested area. It is one of the easiest ways to keep mosquitoes away from you.

However, if you have a serious mosquito problem in and around your house, you should put a call through to mosquito control in Kirkwood service to solve the issue. Now, Let’s have a glance at all the different hues mosquitoes are more attracted to.

Which Colors Attract Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are most attracted to black. Other dark colors like deep maroon, navy blue, and forest green work like magnets for mosquitoes. The main reason why mosquitoes are drawn towards darker shades is the heat-trapping property of deep colors.

Mosquitoes have a heat-sensing antenna called the IR21a receptor, with which they can locate heat spots for their next target. Since darker colors absorb more heat, mosquitoes are easily pulled towards these hues.

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Moreover, wearing darker colors like black makes people sweat more. When we sweat, we release excess carbon dioxide from our bodies. This emission of CO2 draws mosquitoes as well. That is why when someone steps out wearing clothes of darker colors, they tend to suffer a lot more mosquito bites than usual.

Which Colors To Wear To Keep Mosquitoes Away

The answer is obvious. If darker colors draw mosquitoes, you should be wearing lighter shades. White, beige, pastels, nudes – all are excellent choices if you want to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Also, try to wear clothes of comfortable material and easy fit not to sweat a lot. As explained above, when you sweat, mosquitoes can spot you easily.

Ending Note

When wearing lighter shades is not enough, try using mosquito repellent creams. If everything else fails, get in touch with a professional for help.